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Virtual Instructor

What makes our project stand out?

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Optimal Lap

The algorithm recognizes track layout from the collected data without the need of any kind of database. "Virtual Instructor" divides the track into corners and sections and shows potential lap time improvement at every section, focusing on the weakest one at the first place.


We had to make sure, that optimal lap is physically possible by measuring i.e car speed, gps position and yaw, excluding scenarios when some corners were made enormously faster on entry (deep into the corner) or exit (very wide line to accelerate), which is not possible at the same time.

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Driving Style

"Virtual Instructor" shows possible improvements based on client historical data and basic racing knowledge. Algorithm is not solely focused on your lap time, but also driving technique - pointing out all detected mistakes, or inconsistent sections.

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Like on the real track, when analyzing the data with your coach, you will receive recommendations about your driving - exactly as from experienced engineer.
Virtual Instructor knows every little detail about your past sessions, saving tons of time of analyzing data.

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